Bring Tab bar to top of terminal in Konsole

Tab selector (tab bar) can be made to appear on the top side of terminal in KonsoleĀ  as follows –

  1. Menu Bar => Settings => Configure Konsole
  2. Select TabBar pane
  3. Set “Tab bar position” to “Above Terminal Area”

As you might have noticed now, you can make Konsole open new tabs adjacent to current tab by setting “New tab behavior” to “Put New Tab After current tab”

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  1. I’m running linux mint cinnamon with konsole installed. When I click Menu->Settings, I don’t get the option for tab pane placement. I see only options to edit/switch/manage profiles. When I try to edit the current profile there is a tab for “tabs” but it does not include tab pane placement. How can I get to the setting you describe?

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