SreeVidya Sanskrit transliterator, a powerful tool for the bilingual Indians

I’m writing this article to introduce an interesting new tool  – SreeVidya.

What is SreeVidya ?

SreeVidya is a software tool originally written to transliterate Sanskrit to different regional scripts of India. Besides this, the tool can also be used to read an Indian language in any other regional language.

This will mean a lot to you if you are a bilingual citizen of the country; as in if you knew both Bengali and Kannada, and is a native of Bengal, you can now read Kannada blogs, News articles, movie reviews etc in Bengali script. Similarly as a Tamil guy, if you also understand Malayalam, you can read Malayalam websites in Tamil.

sreeVidyaDemo1[Above: A snapshot of SreeVidya auto detecting the source scripts and printing in target script]

How ?

It so turns out that all Indian languages are based on the same sound structures used by Sanskrit. And SreeVidya takes advantage of exactly that. Under the hood it understands the sounds of written words, and uses this information to recreate words of target script.

SreeVidya’s original use was to cater the growing need of Sanskrit enthusiasts in the country to remove the overhead of learning Devanagari for starting to learn Sanskrit.

Install SreeVidya on Firefox –

To install SreeVidya on Firefox browser, the following steps will do –

  1. From Firefox browser, open
  2. In the search box in the top right corner, type SreeVidya.
  3. Click on the SreeVidya search result displayed in the drop down.
  4. When the SreeVidya addon page is loaded, click “Add to Firefox” button.
  5. In the subsequent popup, click “Install” button.
  6. Done ! You will now have SreeVidya icon on the top right corner of Firefox which is the handle to your Indian language transliteration.

Install SreeVidya on Chrome-

To install SreeVidya on Chrome browser, the following steps will do –

  1. From Chrome browser, open the page
  2. Click the button “ADD TO CHROME” in this page.
  3. In the subsequent popup, click “Add extension”.
  4. Done ! You can now change the script of Samskritham (or other Indian language blogs) using the plugin icon that appears in the right top corner of the Chrome window.

Some of the portals you can now read in your own native script using SreeVidya –

You can find details here –

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  1. It’s no doubt a wonderful tool, can you please let me know if it works for our language too, Bishnupriya Manipuri. We and on behalf of our whole community would be very delighted to have this tool in our favourites.
    You can find more about our language on wiki…


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