Why are Indians good in software ?


I’m prompted to write this article, after I read this piece of information from a blog – Once the founder of Infosys, NarayanaMurthy was asked this question -“Why are Indians good at software”?

He answers as, “we are grateful to the British who came and taught us math, and science and software, that’s why we are good at it”.


This made me ponder on why India is natural choice for Software development for the world. It’s my inference that, Indians are specialized as a population to solve problems in subtle and complex problem domains. Here are the supporting observations, (other than cheap labour facilitated by currency exchange ratio ) –

  1. Many Hindu religious structures more than a millennium old, could not have been made without knowledge of advanced mathematics and engineering methods.
  2. Indians on average, are shorter and thinner than Europeans or Africans, which hints at many thousands of generations of civilized living (which took out out the need for physical exertion for survival)
  3. Every modern scientific discovery in Europe occurred only after Europeans discovered India. Before finding route to India, Europeans believed earth was a plane. (Refer : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasco_da_Gama, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_India_Company and http://www.physicsoftheuniverse.com/dates.html).
  4. Cultural order – Indian/Chinese society has much lesser entropy (like divorces), when compared to the West – which clearly hints to a strong cultural knowledge acquired and passed on through many thousand years of civilization.
  5. The whole world acknowledges that the decimal system originated in India (for that matter, even calculus and idea of  relative time scales).
  6. Sanskrit, the language of Vedas, is highly efficient and precise (compared to current European languages which have many ambiguities), hinting to the higher algorithmic aptitude of the society which created and used it.
  7. Mahabharatha war, (documented by Indian scriptures to have occurred before 5100 years, as per scientifically consistent Vedic calendar), clearly describes ability of learnt men then to calculate auspicious planetary positions.
  8. The Sanskrit poetic history also describes many conversations where people debate on the unity and interaction of individual consciousness with cosmic consciousness. Even during present days, human discussions seldom get more abstract that that 🙂

Note: Written only to raise spirits of Indians from frequent assaults in mainstream media.  (friends in the west not to get offended.)


Kj [/.] Sreekumar programs computers as a hobby and profession. Into programming from his school days, Sree uses Codemarvels to key in facts and fixes he finds interesting while working on different projects. Some of the articles here give away a few shades of his philosophical leanings too.

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