How to use old an android phone as a wireless speaker ?

I recently converted an otherwise useless old android phone into wireless speakers (complementing an old wired 2.1 speaker-set I had).

The setup needs two phones, a 2.1 speakerSet and WiFi network. After searching and trying many Apps from PlayStore, this is what worked for me –

  1. In the old phone –
    1. Open Play Store.
    2. Search and Install SoundSeeder Speaker. (Free version. Note – Free version will auto disconnect after 15 mins of usage, after which you will have to pause and play again from your controller phone)
    3. Open SoundSeeder Speaker. Provide a unique name when prompted. Eg. “My wireless Speaker”
    4. Open settings (Android details button => Menu Opens => Settings).
    5. Make sure “Auto Connect” and “Stay Awake” are checked.
    6. Return to Android home.
    7. Open phone’s WIFI settings.
    8. In the advanced settings=> “Wi-Fi Sleep policy”, make sure the phone WiFi is always awake.
    9. Connect the speakers to this phone.
  2. In the current phone (using which you intend to play audio and control the speakers) –
    1. Open Play Store.
    2. Search and install SoundSeeder Player. (Free version)
    3. Open SoundSeeder Player. Provide a name for the device when prompted.
    4. Click on the speaker icon on top right corner.
    5. Click search Icon in the UI that opens.
    6. The name of the phone you configured before is displayed. Add it.
    7. Add your favorite songs to the player by clicking the Music Icon. Play one file and confirm its getting played on your speakers.

Thats it. You should be able to stream songs from your phone to the speakers via your old phone.

Note – Again, the free version does disconnect around every 15 mins, after which the controller phone has to pause and restart the music.

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