Publishing your Android Application

All done and dusted, when you are ready to upload your application to the Android Market for the world to use it, you’ll have to follow a few steps below.

  • Remember to change the AndroidManifest.xml file to the specifics such as min SDK version etc.
  • In your manifest file, switch to the manifest tab. In the Exporting section is an option Use the Export Wizard to export and sign an apk.
  • Select the Project that you want to export and click Next.
  • Now for the Keystore selection, this provides a certificate to you application. Since you do not have a keystore yet, click on Create New Keystore. Remember to save this certificate in a safe location and not lose it. If you decide to update your application in the future, you’re going to need the same certificate. If you somehow happen to lose this certificate, you’re going to have to upload a whole new application again.
  • Select the location and provide and confirm a password.
  • In the Key Creation section provide an Alias so as to refer to the key being created.
  • Provide a password. For validity in years put in 25.
  • Fill in your First and Last Name. You can also go ahead and provide the other details if you want.
  • In the next step, browse and select a location for you final apk file.
  • When you look for an application on the Android Market, you must have seen a lot of pictures and graphics on the application page. You can choose to create those graphics for your application too. I’m going to skip this step.
  • Now got to
  • Click on Upload Application towards the bottom. Follow the on-screen instructions and upload the apk and other necessary graphics.

You’re done!! Your application is up and running on the Market!!

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