6 Websites Android Developers Must Know

Creating an Android Application that users can both use and appreciate is not an easy task. However, obviously some online resources can make your life easier. I present below 6 websites that are a “must know” for all Android Developers.

  • The Android Developer Official Page
    androiddeveloperObviously, this website contains answers to all questions that an Android Developer can possibly have. The Official Documentation is just too good and sufficiently comprehensive for newbies. Visit Android Developer Website.
  • MIT App Inventor
    Probably, the best website after the Official Android Developer website for learning and teaching Android Development. I suggest all of you do take a look at it. Visit MIT App Inventor.
  • Color Combos
    Obviously in your application you will need to choose colors. Color Combos helps you do this in a jiffy. Visit Color Combos.
  • Icon Finder
    Fancy icons add a new dimensions to the looks of an application. But of course a simple Google search might not return icons of proper pixel size as you might want. But Icon Finder will. Visit Icon Finder.
  • What The Font
    You are surfing the web and you come across a font that you can’t take your eyes off. Surely you want to know which font that is. What the Font makes it as easy as it gets. Visit What The Font.
  • Convert Icon
    Well of course, it can resize your icons to your selected pixel size. Visit Convert Icon.

I do hope these help you create better, faster,smarter and visually appealing applications!!

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