Apache RewriteRule : Set a session cookie on localhost

Here are the 2  (often left out) requirements to set a cookie using httpd’s rewrite rule (mod_rewrite), while working on localhost:

  1. Use the IP instead of localhost/machine-name as the domain; e.g. [CO=someCookie:someValue:], which says create a cookie “someCookie” with value “someValue” for the domain “” having a life time of 2 mins, for any path in the domain (path=/). (Obviously you will have to run the application with this value in the URL)
  2. To make a session cookie, limit the flag statement to just three attributes: name, value and domain. e.g [CO=someCookie:someValue:] – Any further settings, apache writes an” expires” attribute for the set-cookie header, which makes the cookie a persistent one (not really persistent, as the expires value set is the current server time – so you don’t even get to see your cookie!)
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