An “eat dosa!” reminder for busy kids :)

Here is a one hour HTML app that you can use to repeat recorded audio to remind your busy kids they have to finish that food on the table, while watching their favorite videos on YouTube.

Launch Dosa Reminder HTML App

To use the app is this simple –

  • Click on record button. Give permission to access microphone if it asks for it.
  • The recording automatically stops in 4 seconds and replays what it recorded. You can re-record till you are satisfied with the playback.
  • Now you can set the number of seconds of interval, between which the above audio has to be repeated.
  • Click on “Start Reminder” button to start the reminders.
  • When your kid is done eating, you can stop the reminders by clicking “Stop Reminder” button

Happy parenting !

Kj [/.] Sreekumar programs computers as a hobby and profession. Into programming from his school days, Sree uses Codemarvels to key in facts and fixes he finds interesting while working on different projects. Some of the articles here give away a few shades of his philosophical leanings too.

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