BoshServlet Updated

BoshServlet is updated at Google code ( with the following changes –

  1. Intermittent race condition and lock ups while serving requests fixed.
  2. Changed session initialization flow to fix an error while using STARTTLS.
  3. Automated response for server pings.
  4. Added an example HTML page on using the servlet.

Thank you for your patience with BoshServlet so far. Please use the latest version and let me know of any fix/feature you find as needed.

– Kj

Kj [/.] Sreekumar programs computers as a hobby and profession. Into programming from his school days, Sree uses Codemarvels to key in facts and fixes he finds interesting while working on different projects. Some of the articles here give away a few shades of his philosophical leanings too.


  1. Although I can get the source code, I have no idea what to do with it. The main page says something about a WAR file … where can I get such file which I then could upload and deploy within tomcat?

    — hgb

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