Speed of Light, Parallel Universes and the “Try-Catch-Block”

The possibility of parallel universes hinted by modern physics is always fascinating to think about.

Needless to say, it is difficult to imagine a “parallel” universe ( If our universe has no limits, then how can there be another space-time in parallel ! )

We need an approach to put all these together in such a way that our analytical mind can make a meaning of such possibilities.

Now what if we keep aside the concept of space-time framework for some time, and bring in our very famous exception-handling methodology of java, we see that in concept, different universes can exist in parallel.
Let us have a look at the code snippet below.

if(entity.level == 3)
    //(this is universe at 3rd higher level )
    // space-time based on C, the limiting speed for events in this universe
    //(like : E = m C^2)

    // — other rules
    if(entity.level == 2)
        //(universe at 2nd higher level)
        // space-time based on Z,the limiting speed for events in this universe
        //like : (E = m Z^2)
        //– other rules
        if(entity.level == 1)
            //(Universe at our level)
            // space-time rules based on c, speed of light.
            // like E = mc^2)
            // ... other rules of physics.
          }catch(SpeedOfLocalEventAchievedException) {
            throw new ExceptionalEntityDetected(e);
          } catch(InsideSingularityException) {
            throw new EntityAtTransit(e);

/*—- code for higher universes — */

Also such an approach can explain what happens to an object when it achieves speed faster than the speed of light (which is the limiting speed of our universe). Such a case is clearly an exception (as it doest not go well with physical laws at our level) the handling for which may exist at a higher level universe. So if one imagines that a traveler who moves at a speed higher than speed of light reaches another universe, well, may be he is very much correct ! :)

Einstien writing this java code (humour)
Einstien himself explaining this java code 😉

Interestingly, Hindu mythology also speaks of different universes with different time-spans for the entities in each of them (like
Manushya Loka, Pitru Loka, Deva Loka, Brahma Loka and the Timeless Vishnu Loka) .  Well, may be the ancient sages knew how to move between the “divine code blocks”…

What if each of us are inside one of these try blocks, following these rules in a separate thread called our life ? what if at some point of time, we will move over to the next universe ?

Kj [/.] Sreekumar programs computers as a hobby and profession. Into programming from his school days, Sree uses Codemarvels to key in facts and fixes he finds interesting while working on different projects. Some of the articles here give away a few shades of his philosophical leanings too.

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