Migrate data from one Cassandra server to another using medusa

Here are the steps I followed to get my dev instance of cassandra copied to a new server (both single node instances)

I’ve used medusa tool for the same. You can read more about it here


Install medusa on both source and destination cassandra-servers, by running the following commands on both –

curl -1sLf   'https://dl.cloudsmith.io/public/thelastpickle/medusa/setup.deb.sh'   | sudo -E bash

sudo apt update
sudo apt-get install cassandra-medusa

Export Data from Source DB

#ssh into source server and do these

mkdir ~/cassandra-bkup
sudo cp /etc/medusa/medusa-example.ini /etc/medusa/medusa.ini
sudo vi /etc/medusa/medusa.ini

# Search for, and set these values in the ini file
storage_provider = local
base_path = /home/{username}/cassandra-bkup
# Save and Exit

medusa backup --backup-name=dev-db-data --mode=full

#compress output folder
tar -czf dev-db-bkup-tar ~/cassandra-bkup

# SCP the backup directory to destination server
scp -r -i <key-file> dev-deb-bkup-tar {dest-user}@{dest-server}:~/

Import data in Target DB

# ssh into target serer and do these
tar -xzf dev-deb-bkup-tar

ls ls /home/{username}/cassandra-bkup/cassandra_backups/
#note down the folder name parallel to the folder index, let it be {sourceHostLocalName}
sudo /etc/hosts
#add an entry with local nodes IP and host name as {sourceHostLocalName}. 
#You can remove this later
# save /etc/hosts and Exit Vim.
sudo medusa restore-node --keyspace={keyspace of intereset} --backup-name=dev-db-data

Verify Imported data

cqlsh {targetNodeIp}
desc keyspaces #verify you have the source keyspace created
use {keyspaceOfInterest}
desc tables; #verify all your tables in the source are recreated here.

That’s it. You should now be able to work with your new Cassandra node!

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